Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Tribute From Hell For Slappy's Valentine

Even though Slappy is decidedly evil, sometimes he inspires love. And every once in a great while, Slappy finds his wicked non-existing heart pierced by one of his minions. Yes, sometimes even pure destruction like Slappy has a valentine.

I'm Just Wild About Milfy

I'm just wild about Milfy
And Milfy's wild about me
Gifts of knives and providing alibis
Fills Slappy with ecstasy
She's as sweet as a hangman
And just like a guillotine
Oh Slappy's wild about Milfy
And she's just wild about
Cannot do without
She can punch you out
Can't you hear me shout
Talking with my mouth
Could you ever doubt
She's just wild for Slappy